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We are a cross-sector coalition working to improve the lives of men with prostate cancer.

We are a cross-sector coalition working to improve the lives of men with prostate cancer

Men with prostate cancer deserve improved representation, information, and conversation.

Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in men and the second leading cause of death due to cancer in men in the U.S. Despite reduced mortality, new medications, and increased public awareness, significant challenges remain. These obstacles include stigma around the experience of living with prostate cancer and persistent disparities in research and outcomes. Prostate cancer has the largest racial disparity of any major cancer, killing Black men twice as often as White men. Importantly, there also remains an inadequate focus on the full spectrum of the mental and physical health of men.

COVID-19 has further revealed and exacerbated many of these challenges. Social distancing has eliminated many of the spaces that men go to for information and support. Health outcomes data have confirmed the unacceptable healthcare disparities that exist for Black men, and ongoing research efforts are struggling to enroll diverse and representative populations. The doctor’s office is no longer accessible, and virtual solutions are not easily available for many men with prostate cancer.

Where we come in, Evidation, Movember, and Myovant Sciences have launched Forward Momentum, a cross-sector coalition working to improve the lives of men with prostate cancer. Forward Momentum is committed to addressing the complex set of challenges that hold back the representation, information, and conversations that all men deserve. By bringing together organizations from diverse sectors and investing in novel digital initiatives, Forward Momentum strives to accelerate progress for men with prostate cancer.

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Through Data and Evidation are collaborating to ensure that the effects of COVID-19 are investigated in a representative population.

Historically, minorities have been inadequately represented in research studies. Evidation is committed to enrolling more diverse and representative populations in their studies. The COVID-19 Experience Study, a collaboration with Mount Sinai’s Icahn School of Medicine and the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, will be measuring the effects of COVID-19 on mental health over the course of five months. and Evidation are also including a focus on men with prostate cancer to measure how they are coping with the effects of COVID-19. The results from this study will be shared out with the community to further illustrate how COVID-19 is impacting diverse people across the United States.

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Empowerment Through
Digital Tools

Empowerment Through
Digital Tools

Movember and Myovant Sciences are collaborating to develop digital tools to empower men to better understand and manage their prostate cancer journey.

As the world’s leading men’s health charity, Movember focuses on mental health and suicide prevention, prostate cancer, and testicular cancer. Movember has funded over 1,250 innovative programs. Movember's True North is the most significant global investment made to improve the quality of life and care for men with prostate cancer and their families. Improving access to accurate tools for tracking mental and physical health will be part of this effort. The True North website aims to be the world’s go-to resource to educate, empower, and encourage.

Through the partnership with Myovant Sciences, Movember aims to develop unique insight into the challenges and opportunities in a healthcare world significantly impacted and changed through COVID-19.